Portable Heater Repairs

There are many different types of portable heaters: fan-forced, ceramic, infrared, and radiant oil. These portable heaters are made differently but functions the same way. It provides warmth to a specific area, be it a bedroom or an office. The differences between the portable heaters can be read below:

- A fan-forced heater uses a fan that circulates air that has been warmed by an electric heating element. The heat produced by these portable units is controlled by a thermostat and can be self-adjusted at any time.

- A ceramic heater uses ceramic and aluminum element to produce and provide warmth. Electricity passes through the ceramic to heat and is absorbed by the aluminum. A fan then blows the warmed air out into the room or office. These tend to be safer than most heaters because of the ability of the plastic casing to stay cool as it heats up.

- Infrared heaters uses light that isn't visible to the naked eye. It's beyond the spectrum of what our eyes can see. Infrared warms up the area or people because of it's ability to be absorbed by clothes, skin, and other objects. The shade blocks out a lot of the light so it's more effective in direct sunlight. These units tend to keep the areas in front of the unit warm, rather than all over the place.

- A radiant oil heater uses oil that is used as a heat reservoir, not burned as a fuel. Inside the unit are metal columns that are heated and inside those columns are freely flowing thermal oil. These oils have high heat capacity and high boiling point, which allows for extreme high temperatures.

Although there are many different types of portable heaters. All of them provide the same thing: warmth and comfort. Like most things, these will eventually need to replaced or repaired. This is where California Air comes in! Our technicians are more than qualified and capable to work on any portable heaters you own.

Repairs? No problem! Replaced? Not an issue! We'll work with you to purchase a new one.

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We work with brands like Carrier, Lennox,York, Cozy, Williams, Mitsubishi, Trane and many others!

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