HVAC, Air Conditioning, Heating in Playa Del Rey CA

Playa Del Rey is one of the few areas in California that can boast of its picturesque places and well-cared community. However, being in this coastal paradise also means dealing with the usual concerns about heat and humidity. So whether you do business in the harbor area, or live in a beach-style home by the Marina Peninsula, you need efficient HVAC systems.

If they break down, you should immediately get in touch with a fast and reliable HVAC services provider. And one company that you can trust is California Air Conditioning Systems. We have expert technicians who can handle heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for all types of environment, including seaside communities.

Playa Del Rey’s HVAC Experts

We know that a good number of Playa Del Rey residents own boats with special HVAC requirements, and we know that the city’s homes, the high-rise buildings, and Marina establishments use various types of systems. When we say we have you covered, we mean we are capable of addressing all HVAC-related concerns for any type of system. Please take a look at some of our premium services:

  • Duct Work & Duct Cleaning. California Air Conditioning Systems understands that good ventilation and air flow are crucial to controlling excessive humidity. We not only provide heating and air conditioning -- we also clean ducts, and we make custom-designed ducts to fit your specific needs.

  • Emergency Services for all HVAC Systems. Our company provides 24-hour emergency services to make sure your HVAC systems work as faultlessly as possible. We have standby personnel whom you can call anytime of the day. They can dispatch our technicians to any area in Marina del Ray.

  • HVAC Maintenance. Without proper maintenance, your air conditioning and heating systems won’t be able to keep you comfortable throughout the year. Invest in preventative maintenance program offered by California Air Conditioning Systems. Our well-trained technicians will not only keep your HVAC systems running in tip-top shape 365 days of the year -- they will also help you save up to 50% of your utility bills.

  • Thermostat Repair. There are times when you are unable to make your thermostat work, and all you get from it are senseless error messages. Give us a call, and you will get the assistance you need for your thermostats.

  • Air Conditioning Installation and Repair. California Air Conditioning Systems works with different types of air conditioning systems manufactured by leading brands in the country. Most of our Playa Del Rey clients rely on us to tune up existing units, check refrigerant levels, clean and change air filters, replace coils, and perform all other services needed to make their air conditioning work well. Call us today and be one of our many satisfied customers in the area.

  • Heating and Furnace Services. Inefficient heaters and furnaces will definitely raise your utility bills. To avoid this, we can tune up or maintain your heating system and install a high-efficiency furnace or heat pump if necessary. California Air Conditioning Systems can keep you comfortable when winter comes while bringing your bills down.

Why Call California Air Conditioning Systems?

For all your HVAC needs, call California Air Conditioning Systems at (310) 530-0504. Our technicians are well-trained, experienced, and focused on customer satisfaction. They will come to your Playa Del Rey property well-equipped and perform tasks efficiently.

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We work with brands like Carrier, Lennox, York, Cozy, Williams, Mitsubishi, Trane and many others!