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For business owners who want to ensure that their interiors are kept warm during winter and cool during summer, hiring the right HVAC contractor is a vital decision to make. It is no secret that customers want to feel as comfortable as possible when inside restaurants, bars, hostels, and other commercial establishments in Redondo Beach.

Accordingly, we have been in the business for more than 25 years providing expert services to businessmen and homeowners in this popular Southern California destination. We have kept countless heating and A/C systems in top commercial spots running in perfect condition, and we can surely do the same for your own business establishment. Call us any time of the day, and we’ll have one of our expert technicians at your Redondo Beach property to fix whatever cooling or heating concern you may have.

24 Hours HVAC Services to Keep Your Business Running

Whether you own a tourist restaurant in the Pier or a typical surfer joint along The Strand area, you’ll need your interior spaces to provide unmatched comfort to your clientele. During summer, it’s vital to help keep your customers cool down as they stay in your lounge area or bar. When it’s winter time, you should ensure that they will stay warm and comfortable. You can only possibly do all these when your heating and cooling systems are running in perfect condition all day long.

However, it might be inevitable that problems with your A/C or heaters will occur just when the house is jam-packed, so to speak. And if you can’t address the issues at once, your clients may be forced to leave your place and transfer to another Redondo Beach establishment where they could enjoy a comfy stay.

At California Air Conditioning Systems, we’re in business for entrepreneurs and commercial establishment owners like you. We have provided professional installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement solutions for every possible cooling and heating system setback. Our personnel work smartly and are very professional in every way. They know how much you stand to lose in profits, so they follow time-tested workflow that lets them pinpoint the exact problem source and apply the best solution. They use appropriate equipment and special tools that allow them to do their work with ease and finish their jobs on time and even ahead of a deadline.

Premium HVAC Services for Redondo Beach Property Owners

At California Air Conditioning Systems, we provide our Redondo Beach clients, whether they are residential or commercial property owners, with premium HVAC services. Here are some of the premium services that we offer:

  • Preventative maintenance – Cooling and heating systems can function longer when they are properly maintained. Even the smallest damages or malfunctioning parts, when not repaired or replaced accordingly, can actually send the entire system totally useless and unserviceable. With preventative maintenance, you can enjoy years and even decades of service from your cooling and heating systems.

  • Installation of HVAC systems – Installing HVAC systems is a work best left to professionals. With us, you’re guaranteed fast and reliable installation with positive results.

  • Cleaning service – Certain components, such as the air ducts, need to be cleaned periodically for them to function well. Accordingly, we can provide you with scheduled cleaning of your air ducts or A/C units to keep them working efficiently.

Call us at (310) 530-0504 today, and let us address all your heating and cooling needs.

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We work with brands like Carrier, Lennox, York, Cozy, Williams, Mitsubishi, Trane and many others!