Baseboard Heating

Baseboard unit works by cool air entering from the bottom, which are heated by the copper tubing and aluminum fins then exits out the top as warm air. Over time, baseboard heaters can become extremely dirty as the build up of dust and other debris finds its way into the vents. It's highly recommended that a baseboard heater be thoroughly cleaned and inspected at the start of autumn. Keeping the heating system properly maintained will allow it to function at its full capacity through the colder months.

My baseboard heater isn't working, what should I do? Before hiring a heating repair specialist, give this a try. If airflow is restricted or blocked from entering the heating unit, you may have to clean the inside. With dust and debris accumulating over the years, the heater will produce less heat.If this is the case, remove the metal cover, open the metal damper, and remove the front panel. You can then remove all of the dirt and debris build-up with a towel or a vacuum hose. Once you've replaced the damper and the metal cover, the heater should start working properly.

If your baseboard heater is still acting up after the simple fix, call your local HVAC technician.

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