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If you live in Torrance, then you know what extreme temperatures can bring. This is why you’ve invested in heating and cooling systems. There’s no guarantee, however, that these systems will perform at their 100% all the time. Over time, they tend to break down. And when outside temperature skyrockets or dips to an uncomfortable level, your heating or cooling systems may just stop working. When these happen, you should immediately call an HVAC specialist.

If you are in need of professional HVAC services to make sure your HVAC system is working efficiently, you’ve come to the right place. California Air Conditioning Systems has built its reputation for providing reliable and accurate services. If it’s an issue that has something to do with HVAC, we can do it. Other HVAC companies in Torrance only focus on a single or two services, such as sales or repair. But with us, clients can rely on our team of HVAC professionals who can work on any HVAC-related requests or issues – from new installations and preventative maintenance to repair and sales.

Comprehensive and Reliable HVAC Services

At California Air Conditioning Systems, we perform our services with the highest level of precision and professionalism. Some of the services that most business owners and homeowners in Torrance hire us for include:

  • Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance. Did you know that 90% of air conditioning failures are caused by dust or dirt? And did you know that regular maintenance can give you as much as 20% savings on your utility and also reduce the need for air conditioning repairs? Here at California Air Conditioning Systems, we provide preventative maintenance services so that homeowners and business owners can reap all the health and financial benefits of an efficiently running cooling system.

    We provide periodic inspection of your cooling system. Our team of HVAC specialists will check issues that hamper optimum performance of your system, such as leaks, clogged filter and coil, and signs of wear and tear. We then provide preventive actions, such as general system cleaning and filter change. If you want to know more about the benefits of preventive maintenance, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Call (310) 530-0504.

  • Heating Tune-ups and Maintenance. Would you wait for a year before changing oil of your car? The obvious answer is no. Your heating system is like a car. Without seasonal tune-ups and regular maintenance, it’s bound to wear itself out quickly or stop working. There’s also the danger of the heating system releasing carbon dioxide in your home.

    Our heating system experts are trained and knowledgeable about heating system tune-ups and maintenance. They can perform heating repairs, parts replacement, thermostat repair and replacement, and many more.

  • Checking Humidifiers. Is the heater in your home or office working but you don’t feel warm enough? This could mean an issue with your humidifier which can make indoor air quality worst. We know exactly what to do when your humidifier suddenly becomes inefficient or stops working. We have been dealing with humidifiers and HVAC systems for 20 years. We bring these decades of knowledge and experience when we work on your unit, so you are always assured of positive results.

Call Torrance’s HVAC Specialists

Our company has already served countless satisfied clients from Torrance and neighboring areas. If you also want to experience the type and quality of service that we offer, please call us at (310) 530-0504. We have HVAC specialists who are always ready to be dispatched to your area.

HVAC contractors

We work with brands like Carrier, Lennox, York, Cozy, Williams, Mitsubishi, Trane and many others!