Heating Gas Leaks

Using gas to provide heat for your home or office is a great way to get efficient heating temperatures; however, it can also endanger the people under it. When gas is leaking, it can cause dangerous circumstances and needs to be dealt with properly. Some are experienced with fixing this issue, and some aren't. Regardless, a professional should be contacted. Here are a few tips when dealing with a gas leak.

If you smell gas.
Do not turn any lights on or off and get out of your home. Smelling gas coming from your gas furnace is definitely a problem. You'll want to leave the doors open so they can air out. However, if you smell a strong gas odor, you should contact the gas company as it may be a bigger issue.

Finding a leak.
Spray soapy water on the gas furnace lines in order to find the leak. By spraying this, you will be able to tell where it is by where there are bubbles.

Know your furnace.
There are many brands and types of gas furnaces available. Knowing exactly what your furnace is and how it works can be extremely helpful in locating leaks. Secure the pilot light and be sure there is no electric spark where to gas would be.

Call your gas company.
If all else fails and you are unsure of what to do, call the gas company. They are able to have a furnace/heater contractor come out to help and repair the issue safely and efficiently. Gas furnaces are comfortable to have during cold winter nights, but can be unsafe if it isn't working properly.

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