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Air Humidifiers

What is a humidifier?
A humidifier is a device that can be attached to any air conditioning or heating system to control the humidity levels in a room or building. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air.

How does it work?
Inside the humidifier is a device that senses the humidity in the air and when this device senses change, it cycles the humidifier on/off. When the humidifier is turned on, a water panel adds water vapor to the circulated air.

Do I need a humidifier?
If the humidity in your home is too high in the summer or too low in the winter, then yes; you will need a humidifier. The reason why is that you’ll need to raise or lower the temperature in order to be comfortable, causing you to use more energy which results in higher utility bills. Also, a humidifier can help with your health. If the humidity is too low, the air will be too dry which can result in health problems such as dry skin, dry sinuses, and bloody noses. Furthermore, If the humidity is too high, it can result in health problems that are more serious than low humidity. Excessive moisture can promote mildew and mold growth. However, humidifying your home will alleviate any of these symptoms.

What are the recommended humidity levels?

Outside Temperature

Recommended House Humidity
20°F  15%
 -20°F to -10°F  20%
 -10°F to 0°F  25%
 0°F to +10°F  35%
 +10°F and above  40%
 Summer months  Off

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