HVAC, Air Conditioning, Heating in Venice Beach

If it’s reliable and exceptional air conditioning and heating services that you are searching for, you can find it with California Air Conditioning Systems. We service many locations around south bay, including your city, Venice Beach. Here at California Air, our focus is to provide professional and clean heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services. With services like repairs and maintenance, installations and replacements, California Air covers all sides of anything HVAC related.

When we say professional, it’s not just all talk. The steps the technicians take are followed by the book and are carefully executed. Our technicians are trained to carry out any service with cleanliness and to follow through until completion.

Contact us at (310) 530-0504 or at our 24 hour phone line at (310) 505-5700

Venice Beach Air Conditioning Services.

California Air provides air conditioning service in Venice Beach. We offer services like tune-ups of existing air conditioning units, checking refrigerant levels, clean and changing air filters, coil replacing and so on. With our expertise in air conditioning, we believe that there is nothing we haven’t done. Our technicians are able to provide you with solutions to your problems, whether it is commercial, residential or industrial. Call us today and we can have a technician out to your city, Venice Beach.

Venice Beach Heating/Furnace Services.

Does Venice Beach suffer from the cold during winter nights? Does your heating bill suffer as well? Here at California Air, we can help you save energy and lower your utility bill with a high-efficiency furnace or heat pump. We repair many varieties of heating systems by all major brands. Don’t be left with another expensive utility bill. Let us help you with a tune-up or routine maintenance. Call us today; we can get you prepared for the coming winter nights in Venice Beach.

Services California Air Provides:
-Design & Build
-Preventative Maintenance
-Duct Work & Duct Cleaning

Venice Beach Commercial HVAC.

We understand that owning a business is difficult and one thing you shouldn't be worrying about is if the air conditioning and heating are working well or not. Here at Calfiornia Air, we'll worry about that problem for you. With over 20 years of experience in the HVAC field, we've seen countless commercial projects and services. We believe there isn't a job that we haven't seen. As a business owner, we have to keep things running smoothly in order to be productive and providing consistent work. With our help, you can keep providing the work you do without having the hassle of worrying about the rooftop units' inability to provide enough air or the air conditioning refusal to stay cold. We will be responsible to fix the problem while you stay focus on the companies responsibility. With our expertise in the HVAC field and the experience from the many years, we are able to find solutions to many issues. Whether it is installing a new unit, repairs on an existing air conditioning unit or heating system, or providing a second opinion. Give us a call today and let's discuss the issues you have. We are definite we can help!

Venice Beach Emergency HVAC Service.

Air conditioning and heating units can go wrong at any time of the day. Here at California Air, we fixed that with providing a 24 hour emergency service. Our emergency service are live operators who, through radio dispatching, are able to send any of our technicians to the following locations. This means, we are always working around the clock to provide you with any air conditioning, heating, or ventilation service you may need. No matter the time or day. Don't hesitate to call us. We work to satisfy the community.

Venice Beach Air Filter Systems.

Did you know there are many different types of filters? Some are beneficial for your health and some can actually make your health worse, depending on the person. At California Air, the filter we use will depend on your health. If you have allergies, we may use a different filter compared to someone who doesn't have allergies. We take our customers health into consideration when providing a service like filter replacement or any duct work. Some types of filters are HEPA, MERV, and Pleated filters. Each has its own characteristics as to how it's made and how it does its job. For more information, feel free to call California Air for more information.

HVAC contractors

We work with brands like Carrier, Lennox, York, Cozy, Williams, Mitsubishi, Trane and many others!