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California Air has been providing services to the local areas for more than 20 years. Since then, we've been dealing with various air conditioning or heating scenarios. We believe that with experience and history, we can now deal with countless projects with minimal fuss and efficiently manage your new construction problem. With experience comes consistency, we believe that we can provide your new project or service in record time, with no issue. We've been providing service in installations, maintenance, repair service, and prevention on heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. This is what we do best and are proud to be doing this line of work. We are professionals and we will keep it professionals in any situation.

California Air Conditioning Heating Systems Inc


Since its foundation in 1989, California Air has been dedicated to the provision of safe working conditions for its employee; promoting safety awareness at every level. We recognize our responsibility to look after our workers and schedule weekly safety meetings for all employees, followed by testing and safety checklists on construction sites. We strive for a zero incidence rate! The philosophy here is that all accidents are preventable and safety is every employee's responsibility. The employees are the most important asset of all companies, prioritizing them over anything else.

Our service teams are full of well-trained technicians who specializes in their chosen field, be it design, engineering, building, installations and maintenance or project management. In the field, our technicians take precautionary measures to avoid and prevent accidents. They are equipped with specific checklists to ensure the safety of the units and/or services being performed. All of our mechanics are required to know and carry the Mechanical Contractors of America safety manual and checklists at all times. HAZMAT and M.S.D.S training is given to those who require it. Penalties include termination will be enforced for those safety violations and for those who disregard safety guidelines.

We maintain and enforce our program to the utmost to fulfill this responsibility.
Safety comes first.


At California Air, we believe that training is necessary in order to keep up with the demand for technology and electronic gadgets. We make this available to both our employees and technicians. We provide continuous training for all employees in the areas of engineering, safety, regulations, and administration. We regularly schedule training for the technicians twice a week in-house in any fields that require attention. The in-house training is conducted by the senior employee with the most experience and knowledge as well as some outside experts in the various fields.

In addition, outside training and courses are made available for California Air employees.

We believe that having the most recent knowledge will keep the company on its toes as well as maintain an up-to-date work staff.

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We work with brands like Carrier, Lennox, York, Cozy, Williams, Mitsubishi, Trane and many others!