Our Services

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At California Air we provide the following services:

Hot Water Heater Replacement

We provide hot water heater replacement (link to this new page) services for all the commonly used types of units. If you are facing any issue with your water heater, call us and our technicians will visit and conduct an evaluation to determine whether it can be repaired or needs a replacement. Our certified technicians are well-trained and experienced to handle replacements of most types of gas and electric-powered units. We repair, service, and replace different types of water heaters and know how they work. All our replacement services are backed by appropriate warranties on our work apart from the manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees. If your water heater requires progressively frequent repairs, is more than a decade old, has a tank leak, or shows signs of corrosion or rusting, it may be time to replace it. We will perform a professional evaluation before recommending a need for replacement and can also help you make the right choice of a new unit. Read More »

Spot Cooling

If you are in need of a portable air conditioning unit then contact the team at California Air today. These units are great for spot cooling for they can be moved around to be strategically positioned around various ‘hot spots’. Read More »

HVAC Electric Motor Repair

Behind a HVAC system are motors that supply the cold air for the room or office it is in and without it properly working, comfortable temperatures cannot be reached. There are two motors in an HVAC system: a blower motor located in the air handling unit, and a fan motor outside in the air condenser unit. Like most motors, it will eventually fail and will need replacement or repair. The whole system will stop working from here on out. Read More »

Indoor Air Quality

We will assess the indoor air quality of your home or business and suggest various solutions to fix any issues. Our expert team may recommend air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers or air filtration systems. Read More »


At California Air we provide our clients with the most professional air conditioning and heating installations. Whether you need a completely new system, or a replacement; we are the company for you. We are the cooling and heating specialists throughout greater Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside. Read More »

Preventative Maintenance

It is very important to carry out regular preventative maintenance on your HVAC systems. The reason for this is that you want to avoid bigger problems such as full replacements and you also want to ensure that your systems are running to full capacity. Read More »

Repair Services

California Air can provide all of your repairs and maintenance services throughout greater Southern California. We provide fast and efficient repairs to all air conditioning and heating systems. All of our technicians are licensed and experienced and their work if fully bonded and insured. Read More »


Our industrial HVAC services spread throughout a wide range of industries including bakeries, power plants, plastic moulding, pharmaceuticals, bottling plants, chemical plants and so many more. Read More »


We provide your commercial site with regular planned HVAC services to ensure you are getting the best performance out of your air conditioning and heating units. We understand how important it is to make your place of business a comfortable one for the employees and customers. Read More »


Our residential HVAC services include the installation and repairs of all air conditioning units, heating, air quality and duct leaks. If you live in the areas of Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange County then California Air is the right company for you. We also provide 24 hours emergency services so that we can help you no matter the time! Read More »


We will take of your new HVAC construction from start to finish. It is important to plan and maintain a schedule for a successful construction project for anything HVAC. Our professional team will build you new systems from top to bottom and ensure everything is in place and working correctly. Read More »


At California Air we can also assist you in the sales of various HVAC systems and equipment. Some of the brands that we carry include: carrier, Goodman, McQuay, Rheem and Mitsubishi Electric. Read More »


We understand that every HVAC system we install needs to be custom designed and built to function well in your industrial, commercial or residential property. We will need to take into consideration the size, power and the placement of the new system. Read More »