XPOWER XD-125Li Dehumidifier

XPOWER XD-125Li 125-Pint Commercial and Residential Dehumidifier with Automatic Purge Pump and Drainage Hose

XPOWER-Dehumidifier Having excess moisture in your home or building can lead to poor air quality issues if not addressed. Mold spores can start growing without you even noticing it and once it starts, you want to get it out as quickly and safely. Microorganisms such as mold, fungi and bacteria can grow rapidly on indoor surfaces when humidity levels are too high over long period of time. Inhaling or touching these microorganisms may cause allergic reactions for people with asthma or allergies to mold.

Prevention starts with XPOWER XD-125Li by California Air Conditioning Systems to get the job done to remove any excess moisture in your home, crawl space, attic or basement.

  • A built-in water pump with drainage hose automatically purges when full eliminating the task of monitoring collection tank levels
  • Water removal capacity: 125 pints/day at AHAM (80°F, 60% RH); 220 Pints/Day at Saturation (90°F, 90% RH)

  • Uses standard refrigerant (R410A); with operation range between 33° – 100°F (1° – 38°C)

  • Automatic speed control increases or decreases the fan speed based on the relative humidity and ambient temperature levels in the space requiring dehumidification

  • High efficiency rotary compressor with advanced recessed digital display control panel

  • Durable and rugged roto-mold housing with shock absorbing semi-pneumatic tires

  • 420 CFM of warm, dry air passes through the exhaust to help optimize drying capability

  • Programmable for a relative humidity level between 90% and 26%

  • Power source: 120 volt 60-hz Amp Draw: 7.9 amp draw

  • 25 Ft. power cord and 40 Ft. long drain hose

  • ETL/CETL safety certified and meets OSHA safety requirements

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Commonly used in drying applications, but not limited to:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Carpet Cleaning / Hotel Hospitality
  • Construction / HVAC / Plumbing
  • Crawl Space / Attics / Basements
  • Floods / Cellars

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