Server Rooms

Server rooms, data centers, computer and IT rooms require precise control of the environment. The proper temperature is critical in order to maximize the performance of the equipment and to minimize the risks of failure and data lost. These server room and data centers generate heat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even when the outdoor temperature is below freezing, these rooms are still accumulating heat. Typical room air conditioners are not suitable for continuous operation or low outdoor temperatures and should not be used for server rooms.

Keeping this room up and running is the #1 priority. After all, the servers and telecom equipment do everything from routing phone calls to internet access, email delivery, payroll and account processing, word processing.. almost everything you do at work. Unfortunately, there isn't a one-size-fits-all cooling solution. Each server room is unique. You have to consider the equipment in the room, where the server is located in the building, the type of building, and the HVAC system installed previously.

If you are experiencing a large amount of heat in the room, here's a few tips that can help cool the area:

  1. Open the door. Sometimes all you need is a little ventilation to move the hot air out.
  2. Remove a ceiling tile. Considering that heat rises, sliding or completely removing a tile can help the hot air circulate more freely to the central hvac system.
  3. Add a fan. An oscillating fan will help circulate the air in the room. Also, placing this where the heat is released will direct the warm air away from the intake of the equipment. Or direct cooler air outside the room towards the intake.
  4. Adjust the air volume. (You'll need a HVAC mechanical contractor for this.) Adjust the VAV box to allow more cool air to the server room.
  5. Add a portable air conditioner. (Ask your HVAC mechanical contractor for which portable air conditioner would work best.)

If these tips didn't help cool down the temperature in your server rooms, give your local HVAC mechanical contractor a call. A licensed and certified professional should be able to help you with any questions you have regarding air conditioned server rooms. Don't have a go-to guy for HVAC? No worries! Whether you are looking for server rooms repairs, installations, maintenance, or replacements, we can help!

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