Air Conditioning Lubricants

Air conditioning units rely on the fans to send air through the condenser coils in order to disperse heat. Considering these fans are outdoors, they are susceptible to the sun's heat, rain, snow, and other conditions such as dirt and grime. In order to keep the fan in tip-top shape, these fan motors need to be maintained by oiling regularly.

In order to oil the motor, we need to power off the system and remove the fan cage, this holds the fan motor in place. We'll need to locate the oil ports , just below the fan blade of the motor. Once located, the oil plugs are removed (these help protect the motor from debris). Each port is then oiled and spun slowly by hand to disperse the oil.

Ultimately, it's important to repeat this process every season to ensure proper lubrication and long wear for your fan motor.

There are many varieties of lubricants. Choose those that have the following:

  • High oxidation stability
  • Prevention of acidity, sludge and deposit formation
  • Protection against rust and corrosion
  • Ability to shed water that enters the lubrication system
  • Easy filterability without additive depletion
  • Foam control

If you have any questions regarding air conditioning lubricants, feel free to contact us.

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