Ductless Split Systems

What are Ductless Split Systems?

Ductless Split Systems are Air Conditioning Units designed to cool a specific room or area. These Air Conditioning Systems allows for design and installation flexibility because the wall space required is minimal compared to other units. The compressor and heat exchanger can be located further away from the installed space, rather than installed on the other side of the unit itself.

Benefits of Ductless Split Air Conditioning Units

Small size and installation flexibility is the main benefit of a Ductless Split System. Considering there is no need for ducts to be installed, you are able to avoid the energy losses associated with duct work of Central Forced Air Conditioning Systems. Duct are responsible for about 30% of energy consumption, especially if these ducts are place in unconditioned rooms. Installation of a Ductless Split System is another benefit. A small opening is required for each unit to connect the electrical and refrigerant lines, which are covered to disguise these lines for aesthetic purpose.

Is a Ductless Split System right for my home?

If you are thinking of installing an Air Conditioning Unit in your home and can't seem to figure out which to go with, consider the thought of installing air ducts. If the room or area where you plan to install an Air Conditioning Unit is not probable of installing an air duct, consider Ductless Split Systems. If the cost of adding duct work is too much, look into Ductless Split Systems. Also consider these systems if you have rooms that are regularly unoccupied.

Disadvantages of Ductless Split Systems

One of the primary disadvantage to these systems is their cost. Some of these units can cost 30% more than central systems and may even cost twice as much as window units. Like all Air Conditioning units, these also need to be properly installed or it can cause short-cycling. In addition, most contractors do not have the tools and training to install Ductless Systems so it may not be easy to find qualified installers.

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