Air Conditioning Condenser Fan

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What is an Air Conditioner Condenser?

AC condensers are heat exchanger devices. It works by turning vapor refrigerant into liquid. AC condenser units are grouped in accordance to how it rejects the heat to the surrounding air (medium).

  • Air-Cooled Condensers
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Water-Cooled Condensers
  • Evaporative Condensers

Air Cooled Condenser
These are the most common types of condensers as it can be used in residential and commercial environments. Air-Cooled Condensers use the air outdoors to discard the heat that is absorbed by the indoor AC unit. The condenser fan blade, fan motor, and the condenser coil all work together to discard this heat elsewhere.

Geothermal Heat Pumps
These types of condensers are designed to take the heat and transfer it to or from the ground. This design takes advantage of the moderate temperature in the ground to form a geosolar system. Although it's called "geothermal", the heat does not come from the earth but from the sun, harvesting heat from the Rarth's surface.

Water Cooled Condenser
These condensers discard the heat by water. The water in these condensers are treated to prevent corrosion, to keep it clean, and to be kept at a certain temperature. Although it requires more maintenance, water cooled condensers are more efficient than air coooled condenser, and it can operate at lower temperatures.

If you are experiencing any problems with your condenser, give us a call. We have many years of experience working in the field and are more than capable to provide this type of service.

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