Duct Work Photos

Shoddily built and broken ducting contributes to several indoor air quality problems. However, ductwork leaks can account for up to 30 percent of energy loss in a home or business. You can reduce your monthly electricity costs by properly sealing and repairing the air ducts. Additionally, this prevents airborne pollutants from passing through the ducting and being redistributed to the areas with vents. At California Air, you will receive competent, clean, and flawless services. We provide solutions for air quality issues, such as duct replacement and installation, as well as duct cleaning, scrubbing, and repairs. Contact California Air Conditioning Systems now to breathe comfortably. We work methodically to ensure that the ducting we install is optimally suited to the demands of your house. We use the finest materials and products to ensure that the ducting remains in outstanding condition for a more extended period.

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